Scenography - Iduun - Video Mapping

"scenography of the drama Astrée X written and staged by Gildas Loupiac, for a creation freely inspired by Terry Gilliam"

It’s a scenography made of video mapping, with sounds, lights and videos interactivities. To be completely free in following the actors, iduun is using several software, such as Live, Modul8, MadMapper and Max (for the special Monome Module), and makes them work together.

Written and staged by: Gildas Loupiac
Scenography: Barthélemy Antoine-Loeff and Alexandra Petracchi
Sound design: Charles Dubois
Costumes: Marilyne Morel
With: Thomas Lequesne, Géraldine Szajman and Etienne Bodi
From the 7th of september to the 2nd of october (monday and tuesday excepted) at 20 PM.
FUNAMBULE MONTMARTRE / 53 rue des Saules, 75018 Paris / Lamarck-Caulaincourt (12)


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