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Reading Noël Burch Theory of Film Practice - Ch 6

Reading Noël Burch Theory of Film Practice - Ch 6
On the Structural Use of Sound
screengrab from Mizoguchi's The Crucified Lovers 
 Robert Bresson - on his own film practice said,

"sound, because of its greater realism, is infinitely more evocative than an image, which is essentially only a stylization of visual reality. "A sound always evokes an image; an image never evokes a sound...that he replaces an image with a sound whenever possible, thus remaining completely faithful to the principle of maximum bareness and spareness underlying his creative method." (p90)

Gregory Markopoulos - Twice a Man

Gregory Markopoulos - Sorrows

Agnes Varda's La Pointe course 
Part 1

Orson Welles in his Othello (1952) 
- Part 1

Mizoguchi's The Crucified Lovers
Part 7/7

Mizoguchi's The Crucified Lovers

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