Links and Resources - September 2013

September 2013 has been a very busy month from personal to PhD work and more! Moving house and a protracted close of sale.  An amazing MOCAP workshop in Helsinki, Finland and a paper presentation in Tampere, Finland.  The 3rd DAH Institute in Derry, or should I say stroke city as locals there sometimes call Derry. A poetry book launch and reading by Catherine Culleni in the Trinity Long Room Hub, a screening programme of Synthesis 2 by Fractal music at the IFI, a one day visualisation workshop with Sarah Kenderdine in the Trinity Long Room Hub, negotitations re a lecture on the work of the CVM to be held in the ATRL, back teaching on MMT. A book to review by Nuno Correla (really looking forward to that). Birthdays and meet ups.. and lots of not returned emails, which I must do in has been intense.  
In the middle of this, a kind of disinterested browsing of resources and sites I have come across and so to try to capture some of these browsing links so I can come back to them when I am less busy (but will I?) I am throwing them into this post to demarc my discovery of them.

Learning Resource

Virtual ANS (drawn sound)
Virtual ANS is a software simulator of the unique Russian synthesizer ANS - photoelectronic microtonal/spectral musical instrument created by Russian engineerEvgeny Murzin from 1938 to 1958. Murzin named his invention in honour of the composer Alexander Nikolayevich Scriabin.
The instrument was used by Stanislav Kreichi, Alfred SchnittkeEdison DenisovSofia GubaidulinaEdward Artemiev and other Soviet composers.
You can hear the sound of the ANS in Andrei Tarkovsky's movies SolarisThe MirrorStalker.

Youtube ANS
Virtual ANS: Sound to Image and Vice Versa
Virtual ANS is a software simulator of the unique Russian synthesizer ANS - photoelectronic microtonal/spectral musical instrument created by Russian engineer Evgeny Murzin from 1938 to 1958.
The app is cross-platform and available for iOS, Android, Windows, Linux and OSX.
More info:


Introduction to Computer Programming Languages - Video Lessons by Daniel Shiffman

Produce a hand-drawn aesthetic in After Effects


Articles and Papers and Books

Circle the Square: Film Performances by Iimura Takahiko in the 1960s By Julian Ross

Open Journals - online resources
Film - Philosophy Vol. 7 - 14
Film - Philosophy Vol. 1 - 6

The first release of Nodewebba software is now available from, free and open source for Macintosh and Windows.

Phonology and CymaScope Reseach
Really interesting Cymascope links to articles and research.  
In particular must download Harmonic Voice Mandala
CymaScope Musicology Notes - 12 Piano Notes made visible

Hearing Rhythmic Gestures

Canyon cinemazine issue 3

Reciprocal Analogy, Baudelaire’s Imaginative Instinct

Poetry in the condition of music

The Well Sequenced Synthesiser

BOOK: The Sound of Painting - Music in Modern Art

Elecktra - BEAF
Electronic Arts Festival

European Expanded Cinema


Matthew Biederman - Event Horizon


Craig Allan

audiovisual academy
modules history
all modules

Generative Design

Swedish VJ Union
Learning and Links


video circuits blog

BOOK Art in cinema

music and media course current work

Using visualizations for music discovery

visualizing music

Music visualization technique of repetitive structure representation to support intuitive estimation of music affinity and lightness


Algorithmic Dimension: A Digital Arts Masterclass with Ernest Edmonds, Manfred Mohr, Frieder Nake and Roman Verostko