About Sounding Visual

Author: Maura McDonnell
Email: mmcd@soundingvisual.com

Sounding Visual is the name of my practice and research as a visual music artist on the area of art with music or music with art.  The sounding visual blog is a more personal gathering of resources, inspiration, news about performance works, theatre works, cinematic works and audio visual works and what is of interests at a given moment in time. Everything is of its time, and instead of trying to understand everything fully and to completion, the posts happen according to what is happening and discovered in the now.  So the links are eclectic and varied.

A more formal blog that focuses on Visual Music only which was started in 2005 Visual Music stays true as much as possible to the visual music aesthetic.  This blog is updated regularly and will continue to do so, but for all other posts that are not strictly visual music but are of interest in the area of audio visual composition design for example in performance, theatre, concerts will be posted here.

The author Maura McDonnell is a PhD Candidate in Digital Arts at Trinity College, Dublin (started october 2011) and this blog is also a way of gathering, reading, writing about resources for my research.  The topic of her thesis is 'Visual Music'.

Her sounding visual website is badly in need of a redesign and reorganize but alas she has not got the time at present to do this.  However, the site is still live at: http://www.soundingvisual.com/

Google Ads: Up till now (May 2016) I have not used google ads on my blogs but to cover time and costs I have started to include them in my blogs.  I have tried to make them not interfere with reading so they are in the header and the sidebar but not in posts.